February 13, 2010

Planning Helps: How to Use this Curriculum

How to Use this Curriculum

Each month your Hostesses will introduce the new theme at your group gathering. Your Participant Guide will lead you through the next several weeks. Each participant guide includes:

Teach… A short teaching on the month’s theme.

Consider… A few questions to help you consider how the theme applies to your life.

Commit… A guide for choosing a new memory verse for the month.

Write… Ideas for writing to your daughter in your mother-daughter journal.

Respond… Ideas for special time with your daughter.

Pray… I’ll pray with you.

Progress… Specifics for preparing for the next group gathering.

Read the teaching and choose your memory verse in the first week following the gathering. Use the questions, journal prompts, and date ideas as God prompts you throughout the month.


Hostesses plan and run group gatherings; we rotate hosting duties monthly. This is a great time for you to get to know your co-hostesses and to invite your daughters into the planning and hosting details. Encourage your daughter to choose a role and mentor her in it. Hostesses need to incorporate the following components into the gathering:

Leader Time… Time for your leader to address the group.

Prayer… Opportunity to ask for and receive prayer.

Memory Verse… Platform for mothers and daughters to recite their memory verses.

Teaching… Present creative, interactive teaching to introduce month’s theme.

Mother-Daughter Time… Private time for mothers and daughters to connect.

Crafting… Project that reinforces theme.

Fellowship… Fun time for girls to play and mothers to chat; snack time.

Sample Gathering Schedule:

2:00 Arrive
2:15 Leader Time
2:30 Prayer
2:40 Scripture Memory
2:45 Teaching
3:15 Mother-Daughter Time
3:30 Crafting
4:15 Fellowship
4:45 Clean-Up
5:00 Depart

Remember to send invitations!

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