February 11, 2010

Learning to Sit in My House

Our yard is covered in nearly FOUR FEET of snow, and I have what a friend donned, "Claustro-snow-bia!"

I don't normally have any problem staying in for long periods of time. Once when hubby was out of town for a week and we all had the stomach flu, I didn't think twice about being stuck at home. We had everything we needed and were quite content. But all this white cold fluffy stuff is driving me nutso!

The funniest part is that I'm working on the next Hearts Drawn Close lesson, which is "teach your children God's Word as you sit in your home." I've had a lot of sitting time and a lot of time to think and pray over this teaching.

Local February Hostesses: I will email your leaders the next lesson and Hostess Guide by this weekend so you'll have time to plan.

Local Sisters: If you have snow photos of you with your daughter that you'd like to share, email them to me at sonflowersisters at comcast dot net. I'll get them up for everyone to enjoy!

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  1. hi! just wanted to say "hello" - its been great hearing your comments on my blog! how did you find me? i am a believer as well - and I find your blog really encouraging! where are you based? i'm in PA!


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